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FROG has two divisions, i.e. FROG IT Solutions and FROG Consulting. As software developers FROG IT Solutions provides niche software development and solutions to multiple industries.

FROG Consulting encompasses electronic building services, and offers security & fire-related services to the commercial building and real estate industries.

FROG IT Solutions

We provide software solutions that include everything from design, installation, support and training. Areas in which we have both experience and expertise are, for example:

  • Tracking and optimisation of electricity use in the hospitality industry
  • Online forms and questionnaires
  • Test bench software for electronic hardware
  • Vehicle tracking

FROG Consulting

Our second field of expertise is the provision of electronic services for commercial and retail developments. Here we provide resolutions, for example, to:

  • Electronic entrance, property and perimeter security
  • Electronic fire detection
  • Test bench software for electronic hardware
  • CCTV surveillance systems